TukuTukuの話 | About tukutuku



I will introduce a tukutuku. It is famous taxi in some Asian countries. There is a bike in front and loading platform in the back. When I got on it in Thailand for the first time, I was a postgraduate student in Australia.


I sold imported products at that time. When I purchased some products in Thailand, I also had to study for exam. After I finished study and have a break, the driver of tukutuku asked me to get on the tukutuku and he said he would go around the Bangkong.


I accepted his offer because I wanted to relax. After a while I got on it, the tukutuku arrived at the old building. The driver said follow me.


The building looks so scary that I did not want to go into it. But I did not know where I am so I followed him. One lady who looks outlaw person come to me. She showed me the pamphlet of Thai tour and asked me to sign it. While I was thinking, she said how about 2000 bahts.


The tukutuku driver who sat next to me gave me pressure. I said that I cannot afford to it. Next she said how about 1000 bahts. I said no. Then she asked me how much it is fine for you.


I said 500 bahts. But she said it is done. But I rethought that there is not the tour so I said I will not accept. And I said to the driver that go back to my hotel.


The driver gave up and he brought me to the hotel. Normal people must think that 500 bahts does not matter at all. But I thought at that time that my life was not important.


Actually, I always faced with any trouble or dangerous thing when I go abroad. So I don’t think that Thailand is very dangerous. The the first video of below videos is the tukutuku that I did not know what will happen later. And it was long time ago so my current English is better than it. It is just excuse, though.






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