コンサルタントの小話 I will share a short anecdote about a consultant.




I will share my favorite anecdote about a consultant. It’s a well-known story, so here’s the revised translation:


In a rural town in Mexico, a small boat was anchored on the coast. A Mexican fisherman had caught fish with a small net. The fish were vibrant and lively. An American tourist, impressed by the fish, asked, “How long did it take you to catch them?”


The fisherman replied, “Not too long.” When the tourist remarked, “If you spent more time fishing, you could catch more fish. It’s a missed opportunity,” the fisherman explained that the catch was sufficient for him and his family’s needs.


Curious, the tourist asked, “What do you do with the remaining time?” The fisherman responded, “I sleep in until the sun is high, then I go fishing. When I return, I play with my children and take a siesta with my wife. In the evenings, I enjoy drinks with friends, play the guitar, and sing songs… Ah, and thus, another day comes to an end.”


The tourist, with a serious expression, said, “Allow me to give you advice as someone who obtained an MBA from Harvard Business School. Listen carefully: you should spend more time fishing every day. Then, sell the excess catch. When you accumulate enough money, buy a larger fishing boat. By doing so, your catch and profits will increase. Expand your fleet by acquiring two or three more boats.


Eventually, you will have a large fishing fleet. At that point, you can stop selling fish through intermediaries. Build your own seafood processing factory and store the fish there. By then, you will have left this tiny village and relocated to Mexico City, expanding to Los Angeles and New York. You will lead the company from an office building in Manhattan.”

漁師は尋ねた。「そうなるまでにどれくらいかかるのかね」「20年、いやおそらく25年でそこまでいくね」「それからどうなるの」「それから? そのときは本当にすごいことになるよ」と旅行者はにんまりと笑い、

The fisherman asked, “How long will it take to reach that point?” The tourist replied, “Around 20 years, perhaps even 25 years.” The fisherman inquired further, “And what happens after that?” The tourist chuckled and said, “Oh, it will be truly amazing. By then, you will sell your stocks and become a millionaire.”


“And then?” the fisherman asked. The tourist continued, “Then, you retire and live in a small village near the coast. You sleep in until the sun is high, spend your days fishing, playing with your children, and taking siestas with your wife. In the evenings, you enjoy drinks with friends, play the guitar, and sing songs. How does that sound? It’s marvelous, isn’t it?”

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