中国語をやめた理由 | The reason why I stopped learning Chinese.



I believe that Japanese women are the most attractive in the world, and Taiwanese women come second. Please note that I’m not writing this because I want to have a Japanese or Taiwanese girlfriend.


However, I have had the opportunity to share a house with people from nine different countries, including women, and I have also traveled to 18 countries.


Additionally, I have had numerous chances to interact with foreigners through language lessons, such as English, French, and Chinese. Therefore, I am aware that there are many attractive people in other countries as well. Recently, I have had opportunities to speak with people from Eastern Europe and Chinese individuals. People from Eastern Europe are very hospitable and kind. Among them, there are some whom I find exceptionally attractive.


Furthermore, when I was studying in Australia, I had many Chinese classmates. At that time, I realized that due to its large size and population, China has people with diverse personalities.


So, among my classmates, some were good people while others were not. I also noticed this during my Chinese lessons, where I encountered both good and not-so-good teachers. I had primarily three teachers whom I learned from, and they were all wonderful individuals. My friends are also great people.


Now, this might be controversial, but I sometimes find that Chinese people can be impudent. This can have negative implications for some individuals, but it can also be seen as a positive trait by others.


Conversely, I think Japanese people could use a bit more audacity. By the way, none of the three teachers I had displayed such behavior. On the contrary, they were balanced individuals with a positive mindset. Speaking with those teachers was truly enjoyable.


One of the three Chinese teachers said something interesting. When we were discussing electronic money, I mentioned that in Japan, some people dislike the idea of others being able to see their purchase history, which is why electronic money isn’t as popular as it is in China. In response, I asked her if Chinese people didn’t mind that.


She replied, “Even if someone were to see my purchase history, I wouldn’t be bothered at all. Living in China means that all information is transparent, so it’s like living naked in terms of privacy.” I was truly amazed by this perspective. It made me realize that such thinking exists.


To be honest, I thought that there must be an environment that fosters an impudent attitude. Just kidding! The teacher is not impudent in the slightest. On the contrary, I believed she was a wonderfully balanced individual who possessed a positive sense of self-assurance. Talking with that teacher was truly enjoyable.


However, personally, I would never want my privacy invaded by anyone, whether I live in China or any other place. I am not criticizing anyone. Of course, even if I am in Japan, I don’t want my privacy to be invaded by Japanese people, or citizens of any other country, or even the Japanese government. Regardless of where I am, I genuinely believe that my privacy should never be compromised.


In the Taiwanese house where I lived, there was no internet connection, so I shared the mobile phone’s internet with my computer. As a result, the signal was very weak, and I couldn’t engage in proper conversations during online lessons. For this reason, I decided to quit the Chinese lessons.


I was always apologizing because I couldn’t have normal conversations with my Chinese teacher due to the poor internet connection.


All Chinese teachers have passed the N1 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which is the most difficult level. Therefore, they are proficient in speaking Japanese. So, one day, I tried saying to all three teachers I was learning from, “I apologize, but the signal is bad again today. Gomen na China.” They completely ignored my comment, even though they were always kind and engaged in conversations. They must have done so to avoid reopening any wounds. They are truly kind-hearted individuals.

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