仕事についてオラクルカードを引いてみた | I drew an oracle card while considering a new job.

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This blog post was written in February 2022.

またまた胡散臭いことを書きます。最近、こんなことばかり書いているような気がしますが ^^;

I will be writing about spiritual topics again. Although, I feel like I have been writing about this a lot recently.


While I have only been interested in spirituality for three years,


I used to be completely opposed to it. I even wrote on my blog that I did not want spiritual people to come and read it.


However, I am now completely accepting of it.


When I become interested in something, I tend to learn about it very passionately, so even though my experience with spirituality is relatively short, I do have some knowledge.


After I became interested in spirituality, many strange and mysterious things happened around me, which made me unable to help but be interested in it, even though I am usually quite insensitive.


One of the things that happened was related to oracle cards. For those who may not know, oracle cards are similar to tarot cards. I don’t know much about tarot cards, but I assume they are similar.


In the past, I never believed in card fortune-telling. While I believed in fortune-telling based on things like birthdates to some extent, I thought card fortune-telling was just a coincidence.


However, now I firmly believe in card fortune-telling. When I draw a card, I feel like something is working to make my hand stop. I also think that things like Kokkuri-san might really exist. I know that sounds very strange!


When I was considering moving to my current location, I drew an oracle card, and the moving card came up twice in a row. The probability of that happening is 1 in 1936.


After I had narrowed down my options to 30 different locations, I drew the oracle card again, and the moving card only came up for my current location. The probability of that happening is 1 in 1320.


I often draw a card at milestones in my life, and the card usually provides an answer that is relevant to my question.


I feel like I have a good connection with these cards.


Recently, I drew a card when considering a new job.

The result is as follows:

New Beginning and a fresh start (心機一転やり直す)


By the way, this is the only card among the 44 cards that uses the words “Beginning” or “Start”.


And then I drew another card.


I drew the same card twice in a row.


This is also a probability of 1/1936.


In the field of chemistry, it is believed that phenomena that occur with a probability of less than 1/100 are caused not by chance, but by some specific force.


I feel like something is pushing me to start something new!

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