USJに行った時の話 | The story we went to USJ before.



My son, my niece, my mother and I went to USJ in the summer 2019.


We got the express tickets which make us get on seven attraction without waiting. BTW, one ticket costs more than 20,000yen. It was too expensive!!


What is more, the entrance fee is not including it. One adult cost was totally about 30,000yen to enter. But we was able to get on many attractions. We got on 10 kinds of attractions.


Unless we had it, we may get on at most five attractions. I think that I could enjoy double because we was able to get on many attractions without waiting.


Everyone was satisfied with it so that I was so happy. But although we could get on seven attractions without waiting, we got only four attractions out of the seven. This is because we did not have enough time and my niece was not good at roller coaster.


But we got on ten attractions totally so we were happy a lot. And I really want to see my son soon.


The below picture is the attraction of harry potter. My son looks enjoyable. I look enjoyable more.

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