USJに行った時の話 | Story of going to USJ




In the summer of 2019, I went to USJ with my son and niece.


At that time, we purchased Express tickets, which allowed us to prioritize riding 7 attractions. By the way, one ticket costs over 20,000 yen. It’s super expensive!


And it’s in addition to the admission fee. For adults, it costs about 30,000 yen for admission and priority tickets combined. Thanks to that, we were able to ride a lot. We were able to ride a total of 10 attractions.


If we didn’t have the Express tickets, we could have only ridden about 5 attractions. I think it was good that we were able to ride a lot quickly and comfortably, if I think that I could have enjoyed it twice.


And I think everyone was satisfied, which is the most important thing. By the way, even though we were supposed to be able to ride 7 attractions with priority, we actually didn’t ride 3 of them. We couldn’t ride them due to time constraints, and my niece didn’t like roller coasters much, so we passed on them.


Still, I think it was really good that we were able to ride 10 attractions. And I want to see my son again right away!


Below is a photo of us riding Harry Potter. My son also enjoyed it, but I look like I’m enjoying it the most. By the way, my niece was dying as you can see in the photo. I deleted the person on the far right because I didn’t know her.

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