海外の食べ物トップ3 | Top 3 foreign foods



For this blog, I’m going to repost a blog from over 10 years ago before I traveled to many different countries. The top 3 are completely different now.


As I’ve mentioned before, when I travel overseas, I usually eat at local restaurants where the locals go. When I went to Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia, it was the same. I hardly ever went to the restaurants that tourists go to.


In fact, I may have never paid more than 1,000 yen for a meal during my travels in Asia, except for in Australia. Most of the time, while eating, there were a lot of flies flying around, and I had to constantly swat them away. Even so, Thai food is still the best by far. Next is probably Indonesia (although Taiwan is now top or second).


I spent two and a half years in Australia, but I didn’t go to restaurants there much either. Maybe Australian food is good too. However, I once spent over 10,000 yen at an Australian restaurant. It was the day before my ex-wife returned to Japan after finding out she was pregnant. Other than that, we only spent around 3,000 to 4,000 yen at bars.


Surprisingly, my wife and I haven’t really had a decent meal in Australia. Honestly, even on the last day, neither of us were very satisfied. Honestly, taste buds may be quite different between there and Japan. And although I took quite a few videos during my trips in Asia, most of them were of food.


Although this introduction has been long, I will now introduce my top 3 favorite foreign foods. By the way, they are very obscure, so I apologize. First is pig blood soup from a Thai food stall. I ate here eight times during my 20-day stay in Thailand. The soup and rice set here is the best. If you go to Thailand, please try the ramen or soup from the food stalls once. It’s lightly flavored and really delicious. This set cost 150 yen in Japanese yen.


Next is durian. I’m sure you have a very smelly image of durian. However, Thai durian is not very smelly because they have improved the quality. Some people who really like it say that the smell is good, but for me, this much is enough. The taste is like melon, but the front is crunchy and the inside is creamy. I think I ate this about 10 times during my 20-day stay in Thailand. The price is usually around 120 to 200 yen. If you buy it from a food stall like I did, you can get it for 120 yen in a cheap place, but usually it costs more than 200 yen.


Lastly, it’s Bali. This is also a very obscure food, but I went there almost every day. Balinese food is generally rich in flavor. The food here is also rich, but it’s the best when eaten with cola in the heat. If I go to Bali again, I will definitely go there again. I think this was also around 150 yen. As a runner-up, there’s Bali…


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