【結果は?】アフリカでの転職活動 | “What happened?” Job Hunting in Africa

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I have previously lived in Australia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Malaysia. After finishing work in Thailand, I considered where I would work next, and Johannesburg in South Africa came to mind as the top candidate.


Although many people may already know, Johannesburg in South Africa is a city called the “Real Hokuto-no-ken. It used to be known as a very dangerous place, but I have heard that the security has improved somewhat now.


However, in the past, if you were 200 meters away from the airport, the likelihood of encountering crime was said to be 150%. 150% means that you are certain to face a crime once, and the chances of facing a second crime are 50/50.


Nevertheless, South Africa is an attractive country that is the most economically thriving in Africa. I sent emails applying for job openings to several companies in Johannesburg, but I only received a response from one company in Cape Town, which is located in the northern part of South Africa. I assume that a company with a branch in Cape Town replied to me.


After that, my African friend invited me to their home, and I ended up going to Seychelles, a country in Africa. Although it is not in South Africa, it is a beautiful country that is probably safe, and it felt like a real tourist destination. Thanks to my incredibly kind friend, I had a great time.


The flag on my t-shirt is the flag of Seychelles.


I stayed at my friend’s house for about two weeks. While I was there, I also looked for work, visiting all the hotels, travel agencies, and the only IT company in the country.


Unfortunately, I was not able to find a job. At that time, Hilton Hotel was recruiting a sushi chef, and my friend suggested that I apply, but I did not apply because I had never made sushi before.


After I came back to Japan, I practiced to make sushi. This is because I will get a job if I know how to make sushi and other Japanese foods. So now I can make it.


By the way, after returning to Japan, I practiced making sushi, thinking that if I had learned how to make Japanese food, I might be able to find a job in some other country.

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