超絶にダサい自己紹介をします。| I will write a dumb introduction.




I’m going to write an extremely lame self-introduction. During the Heisei era, I couldn’t do anything right, it seems like I was perceived as a total failure no matter what I did. Well, there are certainly many parts of me that are hopeless, so I won’t deny it. But I’ll write a self-introduction for the purpose of self-promotion, hoping that someone might recognize me a little bit.


This blog is extremely lame, but I mainly write about my experiences that others may not have experienced. I would be happy if anyone finds at least one place in this blog to be interesting. It might be considered hopeless to write something like this, but I’m doing it anyway.


First of all, I have been to 18 countries so far. I have also lived in four countries: Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, and Malaysia. I have moved more than 40 times in Japan and overseas. In Australia, I obtained an MBA, worked as an IT consultant in Thailand, and worked as a Japanese language teacher in Taiwan.

タイでFujitsuでの社員証 | my employee ID card from Fujitsu in Thailand.


If I really try, I can speak five languages. I want to review my Taiwanese (Chinese) and Thai a little bit, but I can speak English and French to some extent.


My high school was a vocational high school with the lowest academic rating of 30, but I studied hard and entered the same university as Former Prime Minister Abe. During the year of university entrance exams preparation, I studied for 13 hours a day and pulled 2-3 all-nighters every week. When I was sleepy, I would stab myself in the hands or feet with a knife to stay awake and study.


I’m also somewhat athletic. I did boxing in high school and university. I’ve been doing boxing and kickboxing for over 10 years. In high school, I planed to take the professional test, but I injured my head and couldn’t speak and was hospitalized with a cerebral hemorrhage. In university, I won a small tournament with all KO victories. I have broken four noses so far. After graduating from university, I became completely punch-drunk.

ボクシング賞状 | a boxing award certificate


I resigned from one company on my own after becoming completely punch-drunk, and was laid off by three companies. After that, I’ve had various part-time jobs such as assistant at a horse racing prediction office, adjustment of gambling machines, working at bars, sweet potato shops, chestnut shops, farms, newspaper sales, and sorting goods in a warehouse at minus 3 degrees Celsius, among others. By the way, I have also worked for three publicly traded companies and one second-section listed company.


Driven by my past regrets, I challenged myself in sales job again and became the top salesperson in four companies. My NTT sales store that I managed became the best-performing company in Saitama City.


There are many things in my past that others may not have experienced, including my “black history.” After obtaining an MBA in Australia, I applied to over 800 job listings and only received interviews from 8 companies. And out of those 8, only 3 were actual job offers, while the first 3 interviews were just pressure-filled ordeals. This was around 10 years ago. However, in recent years, I feel that the responses to my job applications have improved, as evidenced by my current position in Taiwan.

MBAの修了証書 | My MBA graduation certificate


This is also a story from a time long ago, around 10 years ago, when I nearly died dozens of times. I was almost shot twice, but I’m still living a healthy and positive life. I think my true personality is very optimistic and carefree, not sweating the small stuff. If I were the type to worry about small things, I would have lived a very different life.


In the past 14 years, I haven’t had any sexual experiences, kisses, or even held hands on a date. However, I’ve been propositioned for sex more than ten times during that time. By the way, this is not to say that I’m attractive and people are constantly trying to have sex with me. I’m not that delusional. It’s just that I’ve been asked for sex on many occasions. But I haven’t even held hands with anyone in over 14 years. I just want a girlfriend who I can treat well.


I’ve read over 1000 business books in the past 7 years, but they haven’t really led to any profits. It’s pointless to read even 10,000 books if they don’t translate to any tangible benefits.


This is the end of my super cheesy self-promotion blog. I forgot to mention that I’m a really kind person. I just wrote this hoping that someone will recognize me for something, because I’m never recognized for anything I do. I hope that someone can acknowledge at least one aspect of me. I think that everyone has had unique experiences that others haven’t, including myself. Of course, everyone has their own unique experiences and nobody has a completely ordinary life.


Most of my “black history” stories are from around 10 years ago, in the middle of the Heisei era. Now, I live a peaceful and almost normal life. I don’t hold any grudges against anyone, so I don’t want to deal with persistent people who hold onto grudges for a long time. I also have no intention of associating with people who haven’t contacted me for over 10 years, whether in person or through the internet. However, I welcome anyone who reaches out to me.

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