可愛い黒人の子供にあった(アフリカ) | Encountering an Adorable Black Child (Africa)



After completing my work in Thailand, I had the opportunity to stay at my African friend’s house in Seychelles for about 2-3 weeks during my graduate studies in Australia.


Not only recently, but I have always had an affinity for children around the same age as my son. Especially since becoming a father, I find children of his age incredibly adorable.


On my way to Seychelles, I had a layover in Ethiopia. The flight from Thailand to Ethiopia took around 10 hours. I had a seat next to a slightly older black child, around 3 years old, who was full of energy and mischief.


Perhaps the 10-hour flight was too long and boring for him. He was playing around in his seat, exploring every inch of it. I couldn’t resist patting his curly head, as it felt so comforting. Whenever he greeted me, he would raise both eyebrows as a form of salutation.


I reciprocated the greeting by raising both of my eyebrows as well. One thing that surprised me was that the child’s mother was sitting next to him. When it was time for everyone to sleep at night, she placed him on the floor and laid down beside him, using two seats to stretch out and rest.


The child, upon waking up a few hours later, seemed annoyed by being made to sleep on the floor. In his frustration, he decided to climb on top of his mother’s head and lay his head on my arm.


It was amusing to see the mother allowing the child to sleep in such a position without any resistance. Strangely, after a while, she also started using my arm as a pillow, but I gently lowered her head with my other hand, thinking, ‘You shouldn’t do that.


Afterward, when the plane arrived in Ethiopia, we went to different gates, but our gates were next to each other with a glass partition between them.


It seemed that he noticed my presence and raised his eyebrows to greet me. I responded by raising my eyebrows in return. He then approached the glass wall near me and lightly tapped on it, as if saying hello.


I also tapped the glass on my side to correspond with his hand and bid farewell. He was a mischievous little boy, but truly adorable. I would love to pat his curly head again. The video below captures the same experience as this blog. I was quite overweight back then

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