息子の得意なクイズ | The quizzes my son often gives me.




When I meet my son, we sometimes have a quiz challenge. However, since we don’t have many quiz questions, we always end up asking similar ones.


Among them, my son’s favorite quiz is “1 plus 1 is a rice field. So, what is 3 plus 3?”


Do you know the answer?


The correct answer is “Santa-san” or “Mr. Santa.”


It’s incredibly adorable. I truly believe that my son is an angel. In fact, I’m certain he is. Here’s an old blog post from a few years ago about my son and our Christmas-related experiences.

息子と話をしていた時に、息子はNintendo Switchが欲しいらしく、サンタさんにお願いすると言っていました。ただ、相当に高いのでもらえるかどうかは分からないそうです。私が息子に今年一年間良い子にしていたら、Switchを貰えるんじゃない。今年は良い子にしていたと聞いてみました。

While talking with my son, he mentioned that he wanted a Nintendo Switch and said he would ask Santa Claus for it. However, he wasn’t sure if he would receive it because it’s quite expensive. I asked him if he had been a good boy throughout the year and told him he might get the Switch if he had been good.


He doesn’t seem very confident about his behavior throughout the year. So, he wondered if it would be enough to be a good boy only in December. When I asked if he had gotten good grades on his tests at school, he said there were both good and bad times.


He mentioned that his smart friends might have a chance of getting the Switch, but he believed he would only receive a game software. Moreover, when I jokingly suggested that he might only get a used software because he hadn’t been a good boy, he said he might only get a secondhand game for around 850 yen.


He sought my agreement, saying that since Santa Claus is busy and he can’t be watched all year round, being a good boy only in December should be enough. Then we discussed how Santa could buy toys cheaper on the internet, and we wondered if Santa might have been among the customers at Toys “R” Us we visited, blending in as a regular person. It was a conversation filled with dreams and uncertainty about whether it was real or just imagination. I truly adore my son. He is the one I love most in the world.


Without a doubt, I believe my son is an angel. I will share a picture taken with this angel below.


Here’s an older photo

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