私がいつも神社でお願いすること。 The one thing that I always pray for at the temple.



I visit the temple about 250 times a year. I usually go to the nearest temple to my house.


I have stayed in Tochigi, Chiba, Ehime, Kagawa, Okayama, and Tokyo in 2021, and I visited a temple in each of those places.


By the way, when I stayed in Tokyo, I couldn’t visit the temple often because I didn’t know where my local deity was enshrined.


When I was in Tokyo, I visited Chiba Shrine, where Ame-no-Minakanushi-no-Okami is enshrined, Kashima Shrine, where Takemikazuchi-no-Okami is enshrined, and Katori Shrine, where Futsunushi-no-Okami is enshrined, by car.


I feel a really strong energy in Kashima Shrine. At Katori Shrine, I always notice that there is a visible strong energy surrounding the area. It is different from the strong energy, like in Kashima Shrine. I always mistake it for light rain. Even though it was a beautiful sunny day, I saw something like mist or rain around. I think it must be some kind of energy.


At first, I thought it might be because of the dense trees, but if that were the case, Kashima Shrine has even more trees, so I don’t think that’s the reason.


Although I don’t feel a strong energy like in Kashima Shrine or Katori Shrine at Chiba Shrine, I believe the flow of energy is good.


Because I feel such a strong energy in Kashima Shrine, I once thought about living nearby. I asked in my mind while praying at the shrine (not at the main hall but at a shrine in the back), “How about living near here?”


At that moment, even though there was no wind, I felt something like rainwater that seemed to have accumulated on the trees fell on my head. I felt like I was being told that there were still things I needed to do. Quite rough, I must say.


By the way, I sometimes find it interesting when I pray at a temple or shrine.


When I used to visit Asahinomori Tenman-gu Shrine in Tochigi prefecture almost every day, there was a day when I threw a coin into the offering box, and the coin hit the box and bounced back, hitting the pillar of the shrine opposite to me, and then it rolled and came back to me. Moreover, this happened two days in a row. It felt like a playful act.


So, in this way, I visit temples and shrines about 250 times a year, and whether I’m praying at the local deity near my house or at famous shrines like Chiba Shrine, Kashima Shrine, or Katori Shrine, my prayer is always the same.


What do you think it is?



“I pray, ‘Please give me a big wiener.'”


That’s it.

冗談です。 ←バチが当たるわ!

Just kidding. ← Uh-oh, I might get in trouble for that!


I pray for my son’s health and happiness and for my parents’ health.





“Please give me a big wiener.”


That’s what I pray for.

なんて冗談です。しつこいですね。大きなイチモツは必要ないので大丈夫でした。 ←なんで最後に意味ない見栄を張ったんだ!!

Just joking. I’m being persistent, aren’t I? I don’t need a big wiener, so everything is fine. ← Why did I end with such a pointless display of pride?

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