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In this post, I would like to discuss the topic of intimate love. Please be aware that this blog entry contains some explicit content, so if you are uncomfortable with that, feel free to skip it. I want to emphasize that the content primarily focuses on matters of sexuality, regardless of marital status. Lately, I’ve noticed that several seemingly ordinary blogs I subscribe to have been discussing sexual topics more frequently, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on the matter as well.


I have long held the belief that the adult video (AV) industry in Japan should cease to exist. Frankly, there are already a substantial number of AV videos available, and I truly think that we have enough without the need for new ones. The constant pursuit of new and escalating forms of stimulation seems to lead to abnormality.


I believe that young individuals are inevitably influenced to some extent when exposed to such material. While they may not mistake it for normal sexual behavior, it undoubtedly sparks their curiosity. I believe that these influences truly distort the perception of sexuality in Japan. It seems that no one will teach them that such videos represent an abnormal world and that they are far from the norm.


Now, if someone were to ask me whether I watch adult videos, I would honestly say that I used to watch them. However, it is precisely because of that experience that I can recognize the abnormal aspects within them.


A few years ago, there was a TV program featuring various scouting agents. These agents scouted for models, hostesses, and even for the adult video industry.


Among them, the scouts for the adult video industry were particularly persistent. They claimed that women have one day a year when they cannot control their sexual desires. They aimed to find women on such days. When I heard that, I genuinely felt disgusted.


If women were coerced into appearing in adult videos under the pretext of an uncontrollable physiological phenomenon, they would likely regret it for the rest of their lives. It seems that many actresses suffer from psychological issues after quitting the industry. Such an industry is absolutely unacceptable.


Even when watching adult videos, I find certain elements, such as urination scenes, to be truly repulsive and disgusting. If more people start considering such content as the norm for sexual behavior and become influenced by it, they may come to view sexuality as something dirty. This could potentially lead to both men and women experiencing a sexless existence.


Personally, I hope that the adult video industry disappears. I also believe that such an industry has made sexuality something shameful and filthy.


In reality, sex is neither shameful nor dirty; it is a sacred act. Otherwise, humans and animals would not have survived for so long.


Sex is fundamentally an exchange of energy between men and women, and it has been scientifically proven to greatly contribute to the promotion of overall health by releasing happiness hormones such as serotonin and oxytocin. Ancient people knew that sex was not only for procreation but also beneficial for our well-being.


Therefore, I hope that the following ideas can spread throughout society. The following points are not only a declaration but also my personal beliefs:


・We engage in lovemaking only in a safe and secure environment for our partners.
・We will not engage in activities that our partners dislike.
・We will not engage in activities that cause pain to our partners.
・We will not engage in dirty or degrading acts.
・We will not use any tools or props.
・We will not record our sexual encounters, nor will we allow others to do so.
・We will not insist on wearing strange costumes.
・We will not purchase or rent adult videos.
・We will not cheat on our partners, nor will we engage with someone who is already in a committed relationship.
・We will not engage in unusual methods, places, or insertions.
・We will strive for maximum cleanliness during lovemaking.
・We will use contraception when we are unmarried.
・We will consider our partner as a cherished companion and engage in lovemaking for our mutual mental, physical satisfaction, and health.
・We recognize lovemaking as a sacred act that enhances love and affection between both genders.


Although some parts of the above content are influenced by opposition to the adult video (AV) industry, these are my personal beliefs about lovemaking that I intend to uphold in my future life. Of course, I believe that everyone is entitled to their own preferences and hobbies, and I do not deny that. However, I hope that the aforementioned principles become the societal norm. I had a relationship with my ex-wife for six and a half years, and our lovemaking was genuinely ordinary. I don’t remember the specifics, though. At present, I have been without a partner for over twelve years (since the end of March 2023), and I haven’t engaged in lovemaking for more than eleven years. However, if I have a partner in the future, I will continue to uphold these principles until the end.

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