100%嘘つきと言われる事を書きます。| I write what is said to be a liar




My personality is easily misunderstood, so to clear up some misconceptions, I will write about myself today.


The content may make you think I am a liar, and I can understand why. However, I am very serious and I will not write a single lie. With that said, I will now introduce myself.


First of all, I have never been a member of any religious or political organization, and I have never committed any crimes. When I worked in Taiwan, I submitted a certificate of non-criminal record issued by the Japanese Metropolitan Police Department as proof that I have never committed any crimes.


The certificate of non-criminal record issued by the Metropolitan Police Department.


Furthermore, I have not engaged in gambling or smoking for decades. I have lived a normal and serious life without dating or even holding hands with a woman for the past 12 years (as of Sep 2022).

大学生までの私の生い立ち My upbringing until college


Below is a brief history of my upbringing. I was born in Shibuya, Tokyo and lived there until the age of 5. Then, I lived in Setagaya until the age of 19. Since then, I have moved more than 40 times. When I was a child, I was not very good at studying, so I entered a vocational high school with a poor reputation and an deviation value of about 30. It was the model for a drama about a bad school at the time. It was a really terrible school.


I was not a delinquent, but I spent a lot of time at mahjong parlors, pachinko parlors, and horse racing tracks from junior high school onwards. At that time, horse racing was not done with mark sheets like it is today, but with handwritten tickets. I remember the older ladies who sold the tickets often made mistakes.


About 30 years ago, around the time when Shoji Sakurai, a mahjong player who had won every game for 20 years in the world of the yakuza, began to emerge in the mainstream world, and also around the time when jockey Yutaka Taje made his debut, gambling was probably at its peak.


I started boxing in my second year of high school. I had planned to take the professional boxing test in April after graduating from high school, but during practice, I injured my head and lost my voice. The next day, when I went to the hospital, I was told that I had a brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized without any preparation.


After being discharged, I didn’t know what to do. At that time, my grandfather told me that a higher education was necessary for the future, so I aimed to take the university entrance exam. However, my high school was really bad, and I didn’t know how to study properly. As a result, I failed to get into three of the five worst universities in the Kanto region during my first year after graduating from high school.


During my second attempt, I read the book by Yoshino, a teacher at Yoyogi Seminar, and was very inspired. This teacher was famous for passing entrance exams for top universities like Sophia University in just four months, starting from a score in the 20s. However, I thought that the teacher had a special talent that I didn’t have.


Still, I had almost ten months of time, so I desperately studied by practicing the teacher’s methods. I stayed up all night to study two to three times a week, bought boxes of energy drink every month, and even stabbed my hands and feet with a knife to keep myself awake when I felt sleepy. As a result, I entered a university with a score of around 60 in the sciences. It was the same university that former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had attended.


I became interested in boxing again because there was a boxing club at my university. I was able to achieve satisfactory results by winning small competitions, but after graduating from university, I became completely punch-drunk.

就職してからの私の生い立ち My upbringing after getting a job


Due to my abnormal brain condition, I was completely useless in the workplace. I voluntarily left one company and was laid off by three others within a period of about three years. During that time, I often had incontinence problems due to the after-effects of a brain hemorrhage.


I wore adult diapers because I leaked urine frequently and sometimes defecated once a month. My mental state was also quite unstable, so I began working part-time jobs and temporary positions in order to focus on recovering my mental and brain health.


During that time and mostly since then, I have done a variety of jobs such as adjusting gambling equipment, working as an assistant for a horse racing tipster, selling newspapers, selling chestnuts and sweet potatoes, farming, working at a bar, cleaning nursing clothes and diapers, and many more. I have truly worked in a wide range of industries.


As my physical health gradually improved, I started working in sales again. I had been told I was useless and just called someone like stealing a salary in four different companies, so I was determined to become the top salesperson in four companies, and I succeeded.


After gaining confidence that I could achieve results in my own business, I started managing an NTT sales agency in Saitama City, which became the top-performing agency in the city.

海外に行ってからの私の生い立ち My life after going abroad


After closing my company in Japan, I went to Australia to study business management and earned an MBA. I then went to Thailand to work as an IT consultant for Fujitsu.


I worked as an IT consultant in Thailand.


I seem to be the type of person who is easily misunderstood and rumors spread about me in any country I go to. In Thailand, the government was overthrown by a coup six months after I returned home. It seemed that the group who carried out the coup held hostility towards me, and I got into fights with them many times, although I do not hold any grudges against Thailand.


I have felt like I was almost killed more than ten times, with two incidents where I thought I was going to be shot, one of which happened in Thailand. I have visited 18 countries so far and have had various dangerous experiences in all of them. To be honest, I can’t think of any country where I haven’t had a dangerous experience, except for Taiwan, where I was only involved in a few fights. (I don’t hate any country!)


Around 15 years ago was when my life was at its most dangerous. I was almost hit by cars many times and had my motorcycle brakes cut multiple times, and maybe my personality was not very amiable. But gradually, the danger subsided, and I now feel that it is safe. I think it will only get better from now on!

変わった人生かもしれません My unconventional life


Perhaps my life is quite unusual, and I’m sure no one would believe me if I wrote about it. And it’s probably normal for people not to believe it based on how I appear now, and I don’t think anyone could sense any of the dangerous experiences I’ve had from how I feel currently. To be honest, it feels like something is suppressing me under pressure…


However, I don’t write a lie at all. So far I was danger to be killed tens times. I worked in four listed coI don’t expect anyone to believe me, but I haven’t written any lies. I have been in danger of being killed dozens of times so far and have had guns pointed at me twice. I have worked for three publicly traded companies and one second-tier listed company.


I have never joined any religion or political ideology, nor do I plan to in the future. I have also never committed any crimes. I think everyone in the world has their own problems, but my life is still a little different. I’m sure nobody would believe a life like mine, but I believe I will be very happy in the future.

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