100%嘘つき呼ばわれされる事を書きます。| I will write down the article that you must think it a lie.



My personality seems to be misunderstood easily so I would like to write myself on today.


You might think that the article is lie. And it cannot be helped. However, I won’t write a lie at all. Then I will introduce myself.


First of all, I have never belonged to any religion and political group. I have never committed any crime. I submitted the document to Taiwanese government when I worked there. The document which is issued by Japanese Metropolitan Police Department proves that I have never committed any crime.

警視庁が発行してくれた無犯罪証明書。The document above proves I have never committed crime.


And I have not do gambling and cigarette for the last decades. I have not dated and even hold hands for the last 11years and 2months. (2020.11.1)



I will introduce my history below. I was born and raised in Shibuya city until 5 years old. Then I had lived in Setagaya city until 18 years old. After that I moved more than 35 times. I was not good at study at all when I was a child. My high school was too bad.


I was not too bad but I often went to gambling spots such as Japanese casino, horse racing and mahjong shop.


Also in mahjong field and horse racing filed, many famous players come out so gambling became very popular at that time, Maybe.


I started boxing when I was 2nd grade in high school. I plan to take professional test in April after graduation from high school. However, I had injury in my bran when I practice and I could not make a voice at all. Next day, I will go to a hospital and a doctor said you have brain bleeding. I had hospitalized since the day.


After discharge, I did not have an idea what I will do. My grandfather said to me that the educational background would not more important so you should enter the university. I decided to enter it but I was bad in study so I did not know how to study for entrance test. At the first year, I lost the three school out of the worst five university in Kanto area.


During the second year that I studied to entrance, I read the famous teacher in the preparatory school. Firstly, I think that this teacher has a talent but I did not have it like him.


However, I had enough time compare to him so I decided to follow the his way to study. I did not sleep two or three day every week for study. I bought dozens of energy drinks. When I felt sleepy, I cut my arm or leg with a knife in order to wake up. As a result, I passed the good university what the former prime minister Shinzo Abe graduated from.


In the university, there is a boxing club. I wanted to belong and started it again. I won some small competitions. However, after graduation, I became completely a punch drunker.



That is why I could not work at all in the working place. I quit one company and was fired by three companies during only three years. As I ashamed, I often leaked because of after effect of brain bleeding so I wore a diapers.


I leaked pee often and poop about once a month. At that time, my mental became very weak. I started part-time job in order to cure my mental and brain.


So far I had so many works such as fix gambling machines, assistant of house racing tipster, sales of newspaper, sales of sweet chestnuts, sales of sweet potatoes, agriculture, arrange of foods in houseware with minus three degree, cleaning of nursing clothes with many traces of pee and poop and so on. So I worked many kinds of companies.


After that, I treat and cure little by little. I restarted working as sales. I could not work well in four companies so I would like to be top sales in four companies. And I became top sales in four companies.


And then, I had confidence to start my own sales company so I started my own business in Saitama city. My company also became top sales company in the city.



After I closed my company, I wanted to learn business management more and I got MBA degree in Australia.


And then I worked as an IT consultant in Thailand.


My personality seems to be misunderstood in other countries, too. I was involved in many troubles in other countries, too.


So far, I felt that I was killed more than ten times. I was danger to be shoot twice. BTW, I visited 18 countries so far and I was involved in any dangerous trouble all countries.


Fifteen years ago, my situation was the most dangerous. At that time, I was danger to be killed by a car many times. My brake in a bike was cut often. My personality seemed to be good, maybe. After that, the situation was getting better little by little. And now it becomes safes. I guess it will be better and better for the future.



Maybe my history cannot be trusted and it cannot be helped. From current my appearance, people may not understand and trust it. 


However, I don’t write a lie at all. So far I was danger to be killed tens times. I worked in four listed companies. I experienced like this.


I have never belonged to any religion and political group. I will not have anything like this. I have never committed any crime. I know that all people over the world have many troubles and my life is also a bit strange. Maybe no one believe it. It is ok. I will be happier and happier for the future.

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