CNN世界で美味しい料理の動画です | The videos of the most delicious foods introduced on CNN news.



I sometimes made videos to my son. Most of them are foods. Today, I also want to introduce some of them. The CNN news introduced the top 50 of the most delicious foods over the world. I tried to make some of them. They are not very interesting and the videos are very old.

マッサマンカレー | Massaman curry

ナポリのピザ | Napoli Pizza

寿司 | Sushi

ドイツのハンバーグ | German humgurger

トムヤンクン | Tom yam kun

チキンムアンバ | Chicken Muamba.


I am not sure why I could not find the video of Beijing duck. I will show it after I made it again.

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