CNN世界で美味しい料理の動画です | These are the videos of the most delicious foods featured on CNN worldwide.

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I occasionally make message videos for my son, and most of them are recorded while I’m cooking. Today, I would like to share some cooking videos. These videos were made when I tried making some of the dishes from CNN’s list of the top 50 most delicious foods around the world. They may not be very exciting to watch, and they are quite old.

マッサマンカレー | Massaman curry

ナポリのピザ | Napoli Pizza

寿司 | Sushi

ドイツのハンバーグ | German humgurger

トムヤンクン | Tom yam kun

チキンムアンバ | Chicken Muamba.


I couldn’t find the video of Beijing Duck for some reason. I will make it again and upload it in the future.

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