オニちゃんって?| Who is Onichan?

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当ブログは管理人のオニちゃんこと「大西 康介」を知っていただくために作ったブログです。
This blog was created to introduce the administrator, Yasusuke Onishi, also known as “Oni-chan.”

My name is Kousuke Onishi, so I’ve been called “Oni-chan” or “Kokke.”

My son and relatives also calls me Cokke.

I can be a bit misunderstood due to my personality and background.

Therefore, in addition to the information you already know (which I think is not much), I would like you to also see the information I provide and make an objective and fair judgment about me.

Below is my self-introduction and history.

オニちゃんの自己紹介 | Oni-chan’s Self-Introduction:

名前 : 大西 康介(おおにし こうすけ)
Name: Kosuke Onishi
性別 : 男性
SEX: Man
年齢 : 28歳だと信じている1973年7月14日生まれ
Age: Born on July 14, 1973, and I believe I am 28 years old.
血液型 : AB型
Blood type: AB
星座 : かに座
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
趣味 : 海外旅行、料理、読書、外国語学習
Hobbies: Traveling abroad, cooking, reading, and learning foreign languages.
性格 : 普段は温和ですが、理不尽な事には怒ります。
Personality: Usually gentle, but can get angry at unreasonable things.
宗教 : 生まれてから一度もなし。宗教を否定はしませんし、神様の存在は肯定しています。ただ、何か特定の宗教に属する事は今までも今後もないです。
Religion: None since birth. I don’t deny religion and acknowledge the existence of God. However, I have never belonged to any specific religion and don’t plan to do so in the future.
犯罪歴 : もちろん一切無し。私が台湾で働いたときに、日本の警視庁が無犯罪証明書を発行してくれました。
Criminal Record: None, of course. When I worked in Taiwan, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department issued a certificate of no criminal record for me.
政治感 : 本音を言いますと応援出来る政党がないと感じています。本当に日本人の事を考えた政治家を応援したいと思っています。
Political Views: To be honest, I don’t feel like supporting any political party. I want to support politicians who truly consider the Japanese people.
最終学歴 : オーストラリアの大学院卒業(MBA修了)
Education: Graduate of an Australian graduate school (MBA)
職歴 : タイで、富士通でITコンサルタント。台湾で、日本語と英語教師、マレーシアで、IT関連の仕事、現在は、プログラムやWebライティングなどのフリーランサー
Work Experience: IT consultant at Fujitsu in Thailand, Japanese and English teacher in Taiwan, IT-related work in Malaysia, currently a freelancer in programming and web writing.
Romance: Divorced. I haven’t even held hands on a date for more than 12 years (as of November 11, 2022).

オニちゃんの履歴書 | Oni-chan’s Resume:

Kindergarten: Born in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and spent my early years there.

Elementary school: Moved to Setagaya-ku. I was an energetic child who loved sports.

Junior high school:I was addicted to gambling and spent all my time at mahjong parlors, pachinko parlors, and horse racing tracks. I borrowed money along the way but eventually won big at the Arima Kinen (1st place Oguri Cap, 2nd place Yaeno Muteki) and paid off my debts.

High school:Quit smoking and gambling that I had been doing since I was 14 years old at the age of 17. I have completely quit smoking and have only gambled a handful of times. Then I started boxing and passed the professional test.

Graduate from high school:One month before the professional boxing test, I was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage due to a bad hit. After being discharged, I decided to enroll in college for some reason. However, since my high school was a machine engineering school with an extremely low score of around 30, I failed the entrance exam once. I studied hard and got into the same university as former Prime Minister Abe in my second year.

University:I joined the boxing club. I won some small competitions, but from my third year in college, my mental state deteriorated and I became completely punch-drunk, frequently wetting myself, and so on.

Working (First 3years):My brain didn’t work at all, and I wasn’t useful at all. I voluntarily left the first company and was laid off from three other companies within about three years.

Part-time jobs:I worked various part-time jobs in an attempt to fix my brain and body state. So far, I have worked as a gambling machine adjuster, a horse racing prediction assistant, a farmer, a sweet potato seller, a chestnut seller, a newspaper seller, a bar worker, a minus three degree warehouse worker, and a masseur, among others. I have now added massage and dry cleaning shops to my list.

Society (Second time):My brain state improved, so I started working in sales again. I became the top salesperson at four companies.

Self-employment:I gained confidence in starting my own business and began an NTT sales agency in Saitama City. The company achieved the best sales performance in Saitama City for three years.

Australia:I closed the company and moved to Australia. For the first 15 weeks, I attended an English school and then went on to earn an MBA at graduate school. I got married to my girlfriend of three years just before moving to Australia and started a new life there.

After returning to Japan:I started job hunting, but couldn’t find any work at all. I applied to over 800 companies, but they all turned me down.

Thailand:Unable to find a job in Japan, I went abroad to Thailand to seek employment. I worked as an IT consultant for Fujitsu in Thailand. During that time, I got divorced. Due to political instability and other factors, I quit the company.

Africa:After working in Thailand, I went to Africa to find work. I stayed at my friend’s house for about two weeks and looked for work at almost all of the hotels, travel companies, and IT companies in the country, but it was all unsuccessful.

Self-employed:I obtained a J-Shine English qualification and started my own English school, but I was unable to gather enough students and had to close it down.

Taiwan:I went to Taiwan and worked as a Japanese and English teacher. After the contract ended, I returned to Japan.

Self-employed:Using my experience as an English and Japanese teacher and working for an IT company, I created and operated a Japanese and English language learning website.

Currently:I am working as a front-end developer at an IT company in Malaysia.

Thank you very much for reading.

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