「ありがとう」を言うと運が良くなる⁉️ | Saying “arigatou” make you lucky !?

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This is a blog post I wrote a while ago with a somewhat odd title, but there are videos on YouTube and other platforms where people conduct experiments with saying “Thank you” and “Fuck you.”


The experiment involves preparing two sets of rice or flowers, saying “Thank you” to one set and “Fuck you” to the other set.


The rice or flowers that were thanked take longer to decay or wither compared to those that were cursed.



I had heard from Seikan Kobayashi’s book and videos that saying “Thank you” could improve your luck even before conducting this experiment.


According to Kobayashi, the more you say “Thank you,” the luckier you will become, and the level of luck will increase depending on the number of times you say it.


If you say “Thank you” 25,000 times, your luck will increase by one level. Saying it 50,000 times will raise your luck by another level, and the same applies to saying it 100,000, 500,000, 1 million, 10 million, and 100 million times.


Furthermore, you can count the “Thank you” you receive from others towards your total.


Upon hearing this, I remembered the experiment with saying “Thank you” mentioned earlier.


I felt that the video experiment proved that your luck could improve whether you said “Thank you” to yourself or received it from others.


As I wrote in a previous blog post, I became slightly interested in spiritual practices and started saying “Thank you” since 2020.


I said “Thank you” approximately 1.12 million times during that year, which may make me seem like a weird person. Even I think I am strange!


I counted the “Thank you”s using a counter, and the first counter broke at around 1 million.


Although it may sound odd to say this myself, I feel like my personality has become much softer since I started saying “Thank you.”


According to Kobayashi, saying “Thank you” can also make the person or object you are addressing more gentle.


Saying “thank you” before eating food makes the taste milder.


By the way, I don’t feel that I’ve become more gentle after hearing this.


I only recently learned that the person who receives thanks will also have good luck, and I think I started feeling more gentle after saying it over 200,000 to 300,000 times.


I started saying “thank you” constantly after hearing that it would improve my luck, but I also heard that the person who receives it would also have good luck, so I say it while looking at my son’s picture. I’m not sure if it has an effect, though.


I also make a point of saying it to my son while he’s sleeping.


Of course, it’s a secret. I only saw him twice in 2020 due to COVID-19.


During those two visits, I said “thank you” to my son 40,000 times.


I hope that my son’s luck improves and that he becomes happy. And I hope to be happy myself as well!

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