勝手に世の中を楽観予想 | An optimistic prediction about the future of the world


I will make an optimistic prediction about the future of the world, but please do not believe it as there is no evidence to support it. You might as well stop reading here if you like. I will make predictions that are quite different from the current pessimistic atmosphere.

First, I think there will be a major change in the world by 2025. Basic income will be introduced and the current financial system will undergo significant changes. Much of the cash will also become virtual currency.

With the introduction of basic income, many people’s lives will be stabilized, and the idea that money is a symbol of power, as it is now, will gradually disappear.

From 2025 to 2035, nearly 60% of jobs will be replaced by AI. Of course, not all jobs will disappear. Jobs related to clothing, food, and housing will continue to exist, as will jobs related to infrastructure and distribution.

On the other hand, as the current financial system disappears (I will omit some explanation), poverty will be significantly reduced worldwide. Money will be used in poor countries, and infrastructure based on world standards will be built around the world.

With life being compensated to some extent, the world will become a place where many people will explore their own way of living. They will be able to choose freely where they want to live and what they want to do (for work). The sharing of goods will become mainstream, and individuals will not own many things.

In a sense, it is a very free world. However, people who are accustomed to living in the values of someone else’s worldview or who have received education from past generations may feel a lot of resistance.

Such people will come to feel happy living in the values of the current world where working in the same way is considered good.

After 2035, individuals will pursue their own happiness in a free world, within their communities. This is how I envision the future of the world optimistically.

As for Russia and Ukraine, I won’t say which is good or bad, but I think this may trigger the pus of the world to come out and become a trigger for a big change.

Japanese, including myself, may need to be a little more aware of the crisis and see the true nature of the world, think for ourselves, and have the consciousness to create the world ourselves.

I seriously believe that if many people wake up to the truth of the world within the next three years, the current darkness will be eliminated, and an overwhelmingly free and happy world will be waiting for us. The future is definitely bright, so let’s be patient for now.

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