群馬でのプレハブ生活 | I lived in prefabricated house in Gunma.



So far I experienced many kinds of jobs. One of them is agriculture farm on the mountain. Today I will introduce it.


Actually it was not so long though. It was to raise enoki mushrooms. It starts early morning that we gather at 5:50a.m.


Enoki mushrooms grow in the warehouse at 2 to 3 degrees. So we work in the house. We feel hot during the winter season because it is too cold outside. The place is on the mountain so there was more than 10 cm of snow after November.


The prefabricated house I lived in has a lot of small hole so it was so cold. During sleeping, I keep heater on. If oil was empty, it becomes too cold.


We cannot get up from the futon because of too cold. I did not feel cold during working. But if I take a break, sweat make our body cold.


It took 20 minutes to convenience store and 40 minutes to a station. The road is frozen so we cannot drive if we are not used to. Even if the car wears studless-tire, it is very dangerous. People say that many cars fall down from the mountain.


There are not many people who want to work under this hard condition. Most of them have any problem. Especially when I worked. Five people worked there and all of them have any problem.


In my case, I had an aftereffect of brain bleeding and my mental became a bit weak at that time. Life surrounded by big nature and working surrounded by a bit dumb people make me refresh and energy.


We had holiday once a week and we went to a hot spring taking two hours by train. Sometimes we go to drinking spot in front of the station so there was a bit interesting things.

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