“The intern”という映画を見ました。| I watched “The Intern” movie.


少し前の映画ですが、今週「 The・ intern」という映画を見ました。

Although it’s a movie from a little while ago, I watched a film called “The Intern” this week.


It was a type of movie I had never seen before.

男同士の友情や女性同士の友情などの映画は見ることがありますが、 この映画は男女の間の友情でさらに年齢が四十歳ほど離れている間の友情物語です。

I’ve watched movies about friendship between men or between women, but this movie portrays a friendship between a man and a woman with a significant age gap of around forty years.

年配男性が社長の直属のインターン生として働くのですが、 初めのうちは社長にうとましく思われていたのが、彼の人柄や人生経験が若い女性社長をサポートし信頼され、また周りからも信頼をされていくという物語です。

An older gentleman works as a direct intern under a young female CEO. Initially, he is seen as inexperienced by the CEO, but as she gets to know his personality and life experiences, he becomes a support to the young CEO and gains trust from her and those around them.


Even if people have similar life experiences and similar ages, they can have different personalities. While I have reached a certain age, I feel that there are many aspects in which I lack the experience to support others in life.


In my case, although I have gained some life experiences in other areas, I believe I have had limited experience in building and maintaining good relationships with others.


In that regard, I found the movie thought-provoking. It was quite an enjoyable film, so I don’t think anyone would consider it a disappointment. I recommend it.

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