相変わらず、寒いおじさんです | I am still a cold person!?




I found another blog I wrote when I worked at a massage parlor, so I will post it. It was written in April 2020.


Actually, I plan to take a 10-day vacation. This is because I work four days a week, eight hours a day as a contracted worker, but I only earned about 7500 yen for the past four days


due to the significant decrease in customers caused by the coronavirus and the request for self-restraint going out. So, I decided to take a break and focus on my main job or find some temporary work because I thought it would be more profitable. Additionally, I believe it is better than sharing a small number of customers among the massage therapists.

先週一週間の稼いだお金が7500円ほどでしたが、その前の週も正確には覚えてないですがほぼ同じくらいだと思います。ですのでこの調子で働いても月に3万円くらいにしかならないので、ちょっとやばいと思います。今はとりあえず本業の仕事を頑張ろうと 思っています。

I only earned about 7500 yen last week. I don’t remember exactly how much I earned the week before, but I think it was almost the same. So even if I continue to work like this, I will only earn about 30,000 yen a month, which is a bit dangerous. For now, I plan to work hard on my main job.


This is a completely different story, but on April Fool’s Day, I sent a message to two people working at the same time in the same store. The content is as follows. I also wrote something silly about my vacation in the message to the second person.

上の方は仕事の都合上一応返信はくれましたが、 相変わらずくだらないという返信でした。また下の方は返信をくれませんでした。まあこんなくだらないメールなので普通は返信はしないですね。

As for the person above, she replied due to work circumstances. On the other hand, the person below did not reply. Well, this is such a silly email that you wouldn’t usually get a reply.


By the way, as I mentioned before, the person above gave me a response saying that my post was still stupid. I sometimes make foolish jokes, so that’s why she replied like that. The details of their foolish jokes are introduced in my previous blog post.

また、上の方に私の勉強のために施術を受けてもらった時があり(デェ・ベテランの人とは違い人)、その時にも私がその方の横腹のお肉をつまんで、これってコリですかと聞いたことがあります。少しして「違う」という返事が返ってきましたので、私は「 それでは、これは何ですか?」と聞いてみました。しばらく沈黙があった後に「これは脂肪」という返事がきました。こんなことをやっているので、寒いと思われてしまうのですね。

By the way, I received a massage from the person above for my study, and at that time, I pinched her side fat and asked, “Is this stiffness?” After a while, she replied, “No,” so I asked, “Then what is this?” After a short silence, she replied, “This is fat.” I do things like this, so I guess I’m considered cold…

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