究極的にシンプルな生活を求めて | Seeking an Ultimate Simple Life.

茜丸本舗 どら焼き


Currently, I am getting rid of various things in my house.


I have mentioned decluttering several times before, but if possible, I want to live with only the bare essentials.


I aspire to be close to a minimalist lifestyle.


In the past year, I have disposed of around 900 books, and I’ve also discarded almost all the clothes I haven’t worn for over a year. There are still a few items left, but I intend to dispose of them by the end of the year.


Furthermore, I want to lead a simple and efficient life.


Although I don’t have many acquaintances, I have decided to completely sever ties with people whom I haven’t been in contact with for at least three years or have not met in person for that long.


However, if there is a genuine connection, I believe that we will eventually meet and reconnect. So, until that happens, I want to cut off connections that don’t involve communication or meetings.


Moreover, I have been trying to simplify my food choices as well. I have been living on only two meals a day for over seven years, and for breakfast, I almost always have rice with natto.


Currently, I don’t eat pork or beef, and I have made a decision to generally avoid fast food, family restaurants, conveyor belt sushi, and buffets. However, if it’s a social gathering, I will go; I don’t completely reject the idea. It’s a choice to eliminate options and live a simple life. I also generally avoid ramen. I wanted to eliminate the thought of “Where should I go?” when it comes to choosing a place to eat.


Additionally, although I love sweets, I have decided not to eat cakes, sweet bread, or parfaits. Actually, I really enjoy them, but now my choices are limited to red bean sweets, chocolates, and ice creams.


By the way, although I rarely have the chance, I would be okay with having pudding, matcha sweets, and chestnut or sweet potato-based sweets since they seem to have some nutritional value. As for beverages, I only drink sweet sake, low-sugar coffee, and cocoa, and I avoid other sweet drinks. (I have a lenient standard when it comes to sweets because I love them.)


In other aspects, I try not to buy second-hand items as much as possible, and I would like to limit my visits to convenience stores to only when necessary.


To save time on hair care, I have considered shaving my head, although I don’t think I’ll do it anytime soon.


It may be unthinkable for someone who enjoys various clothes, but I simply buy a few of the same clothes that I like. Sometimes, I buy them in different colors. If I really like something, I can wear it every day, which eliminates the need to decide what to wear each day.


This was partly influenced by Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs and Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. They wear the same clothes every day to eliminate the mental effort of choosing what to wear. I have also been influenced by them to some extent.


There are more details, but the above are the things I have started discarding in pursuit of an extremely simple life. I intend to continue with these choices.


By discarding these things, I believe my life will become quite simple. With the world overflowing with various things and temptations, I want to eliminate my own choices. It is not a rejection of what I have discarded.


By the way, I have not smoked or gambled for nearly 30 years, and I haven’t dated or held hands with anyone for over 11 years.


You might be wondering if such a life can be interesting.


However, I have set aside one day a week to drink alcohol, and I occasionally go to the sauna or take a drive. I also frequently indulge in chocolates and ice creams. It’s just a little bit, but I still have some things that bring me enjoyment. One thing I would like is a companion with whom I can share a drink.

茜丸本舗 どら焼き
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