オーストラリアのバス事故 | Bus accident in Australia



I always face with any trouble when I go abroad. I will introduce bus accidents in Australia today. I lived there for two and half years. For the first six months, I lived with my ex-wife in the hotel. But its rent was not very high and It was too far from school. Ex-wife got pregnant after a while so he came back to Japan.


After he came back to Japan, I lived there more two months because of contract. It took one hour from house to a school. When I went to Australia, my English level did not reach the level of postgraduate school. So I went to English language school for 15 weeks before postgraduate school.


That is why I often used bus for the first eight months. I faced with bus accidents three times during it. First one, the bus hit back side of new car. After that, the police car came there and customers changed buses.


Second one, it might not be accident. Someone threw a stone to the bus I got on. The window was broken. The bus driver take off the window from the window frame because of dangerous. Our customers changed buses.


The last one was the saddest one. The bus driver did not realize the car which stopped on the road. He stopped the bus suddenly. Many customers were thrown into the front. One of them was old woman. She fell down and did not move at all.


In Australia, ultra violet is very strong so she also wore sun glasses. Maybe the sun glasses were broken and the blood around her face was giving off very much. The rescue squad came there and tried to save her.


Most customers including me changed buses so I did not know how she was. I hope that she got recover from it. Finally I introduce the video near English language school.

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