年齢、性別、学歴、お金、健康などは気にせずいこう!| Don’t mind anything and move forward!




This is a blog post I drafted in February 2022.


Recently, I received a formal job offer from a company in Malaysia. If all goes well, I’ll be starting my life in Malaysia in a few months.


By the way, Malaysia has been the number one country Japanese people want to immigrate to for 14 consecutive years.


I think it’s because of the good climate, delicious food, reasonable cost of living, and the fact that it’s good relationship with Japan.


I have lived in Australia, Thailand, and Taiwan for more than a year each, and I think climate and food are important. It’s also great to be in a pro-Japanese country with many kind people.


By the way, I think I’m 28 years old, but in reality, I’m just a little bit older than 28. I was born in Showa 48 (1973).


However, I don’t think age matters for anything I do. I think it’s better to do what you want without worrying about age.


I have nothing to boast about because I have lived in only three countries so far, but assuming that I have some English skills, I will talk about it.


When studying English or doing something, some people may worry about not having a degree, health issues, or lack of money.


Certainly, I understand that these things are a concern. However, I think that even in any situation, you can surprise yourself by trying something new.


My high school was a really poor technical high school in Tokyo. It was a really stupid high school, so we didn’t have any English classes. Instead, we had classes on machines.


After graduating from university, I suffered from the aftereffects of cerebral hemorrhage and couldn’t even remember anything for a minute. I had to work while wearing diapers because I frequently wet myself.


Then, I studied English for only one year for the university entrance exam and graduated from a graduate school in Australia when I was 34 years old, even though I had not touched English at all after that.


By the way, I started learning Thai when I was around 37 years old, Taiwanese when I was around 41 years old, and French when I was around 43 years old, after starting to learn English at the age of 34. I don’t remember my age exactly, but I think it was around those ages.


I could speak a little Thai and Taiwanese at that time, but I have completely forgotten them now. I think I can speak English and French to some extent.


Also, I still have a lot of debt and I’m going abroad. I plan to repay my debts little by little by sending money from overseas to Japanese banks. This is not related to English, but it’s a new challenge.


As for gender, I’m male, but some people may hesitate to start something because they are female. It’s true that gender equality has improved a lot, but there is still a gap between men and women.


However, women are superior in various aspects of sensitivity and, above all, women are definitely stronger than men in terms of mental resilience. It is said that humans evolved from monkeys, but perhaps the ancestors of middle-aged women were gorillas. Just kidding. <- I wrote something that might make me disliked again.


Personally, I don’t think age, gender, education, money, or health should be too much of a concern when challenging various things, not just studying English.


If you really want to do something, I think you should do it.


Especially in the future, I think things like education and money will decrease in value compared to the past. I don’t mean that it will become inflation. I think it will become an era where people can live by doing what they want to do. It’s heavy now, but I think a light era will definitely come after this.


If you’re not enjoying something, I think it’s okay to stop, but personally, I think you should start it no matter what the situation is if you can find joy in it. If you are determined, you can do anything great!

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