7月26日は何の日? | What day is it on July 26th?



Today, it is a ghost day.


Lately, I’ve been a little into spiritual things, but I don’t have any powers in that regard. So, I haven’t really seen anything spiritual.


There was a time when I was really into horror movies and constantly watched and listened to scary stories. But now, I’m tired of them.


Honestly, my interest in spirituality may have followed a similar path. However, spirituality is completely unrelated to scary things and is a sacred and opposite existence, in my opinion.


The ghost story I experienced happened a long time ago when I was traveling to a rural area. There was a shop with an outdoor restroom. When I went outside to use the restroom, a child went in before me. I waited, but the child didn’t come out, and there was no sense of anyone being inside, so I opened the door. It turned out that no one was there, so I used the restroom and left.


Also, I don’t quite understand this, but on the day when a comedian named Sakurazuka Yakkun passed away, when I went to the restroom, Yakkun’s image started playing in my mind, and the light in the restroom flickered on and off multiple times.


Honestly, I didn’t understand this at all. I know who Sakurazuka Yakkun is, but I hardly know him, and I have no particular attachment to him. Although it may not be appropriate to say this about someone who has passed away, I found his comedic style somewhat unsettling. I have no idea why such things happened.


These are the only two paranormal experiences I’ve had. When I was younger, I occasionally experienced sleep paralysis. Whenever I had sleep paralysis, I would always say “stop” in my dream, and then I would be released, and I knew that I had actually shouted loudly even after waking up.


I’ll write something strange, but if a ghost were to appear in front of me, I would take off my pants and approach it. After all, ghosts were once human too. If a ghost appeared and I suddenly took off my pants, I think the ghost would be like, “What is this person doing? So scary!” and run away. This is my ghost-handling method, limited to my own house though.

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